You Bought A House, What Happens Next?


Once all of the details of the offer have been agreed to and signed, you are on your way to Closing.  This will take place anywhere from a month to three months after signing, depending upon the terms of the Purchase Agreement.  This normally takes place at a Title Insurance Office and while you are making arrangements for your move (ie. packing your belongings and/or selecting a moving company), we will handle the flow of events between all parties involved including the seller, seller’s agent, mortgage and title companies.  You are entitled to select any title company of your choice, however, for a smooth, trouble free closing, we recommend using our in-house title company, Partners Title. During the weeks prior to closing you will need to make arrangements with all of the Utility Companies to transfer  them into you name(s) as of the possession date or closing date, whichever comes first.  Be sure you advise the telephone company at least one week prior to possession.  We will be sending you a closing letter with telephone numbers for the utility companies you will need to contact.

FINAL WALKTHROUGH ON THE PROPERTY:  Prior to the closing,  we will contact you to do a Final Walkthrough on the property you are purchasing.  This is done to ensure that the property is in the same condition it was in when you first saw it.  It is not the time to make request of the seller to fix items that were not in working order at the time of the offer.  Those items should have been addressed during the negotiation process.  However, the sellers are obligated to have mechanical items and appliances in proper working order unless disclosed at time of purchase agreement.  The final walkthrough is intended to ensure that all negotiated items have been taken care of and that there is not any added damage to the home since the offer.  The final walkthrough is done as close to the closing date as possible, normally the night before or  day of closing.