Find the Thyme

No but really, where is the THYME?!

I’m sure most can relate to the incredibly frustrating task of hunting for spices. Or being at the grocery store and never quite sure if you may or may not already have the spice your recipe calls for. It’s a problem.

I had my spices arranged 3 deep and precariously stacked in a repurposed office organizer on my kitchen wall:


Enough was enough.

The thing about spice racks is there are tons of them available for purchase. But finding a spot on your wall that can easily accommodate the store bought options is not easy.  Not sure about your kitchen, but mine is short on wall space. I did however have a narrow little slice next to the stove. But it could accommodate only a custom creation. Finding a 12” wide, 60” tall store-bought spice rack was just not happening.

So with my new shelf building skills described during my previous coffee shop shelf article, I knew I could solve this problem. In fact, I could even use the leftover custom 3/8” thick poplar I had used for the coffee shop shelf.

I got out the tape measure and determined I could get 5 little shelves wedged in that corner. I decided to create the outer frame and then insert the shelves. I didn’t get quite as fancy and route out the shelves but instead just screwed them flush and used my trusty putty to clean up the creases.

I actually used a jig-saw for most of the cuts! I used clamps and a straight edge to create a guide to ensure  clean cuts.


The most difficult part of this project was carefully guiding the narrow screws into the thin 3/8” board. I used pilot holes  and drove the screws in carefully feeling for splits before they happened.  Once it was  assembled I puttied away and decided to use a high gloss enamel spray paint as my finish.


I was incredibly thrilled with the result!


The single file spices have made my  spice hunting a breeze. I chose aesthetics over ease when I removed all the labels, but am becoming an expert spice identifier. And of course, I ordered them in rainbow order ROYGBIV…to really Pinterest the heck out of the result.

PS. After accomplishing this whole project I decided I could no longer rely on a jig saw and unclamping and re-clamping a guide for another project…so I reached deep into my pockets and purchased this:


I’m loving this rig and can’t wait to make my next spice rack!

You’ll have to let me know if you’ve got the perfect little space on your kitchen wall just begging for a custom shelf. I can image them in all shapes and sizes…L shapes, triangles, skinny, fat – you name it! Contact me. We’ll do one for you.

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