Voted Super Real Estate Agent!

SREA_15oNot all agents are created equal…

every year since 2004, Steve has been nominated and has received this coveted recognition.

The Super Real Estate Agent is an annual recognition given by Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine and Minnesota Business Monthly Magazine to the top 3-5% of licensed real estate agents in the State of Minnesota.

The best agents in the Twin Cities for buying and selling your home.

The market is always changing. The best agents take advantage of it for their customers, changing strategies and approaches quickly within a changing market. The best agents know that at the end of the day what you really want is to be happy wherever you call home. That’s why this list is so important. And why the way it was compiled is so important.

The List: It’s Independent.

In a coordinated effort between Mpls.St.Paul Magazine, Twin Cities Business, and Crescendo Business Services (an Eagan-based market-research company), it is the consumers themselves who first identify and evaluate agents.

Tens of thousands of homebuyers who have recently purchased a home for $250,000 or more are asked to name and evaluate agents with whom they have had direct and personal experience. Both positive and negative responses are accepted and weighed.

In this way, the very origins of this list are client satisfaction, not volume or sales dollars. An no real estate agent has paid to appear on this list. Then, a panel of industry experts (local real estate industry executives, professional and trade-association officers, and others directly involved in the real estate industry) reviews each real estate agent on a preliminary list. To ensure the integrity of the list, panelists are anonymous, only receive a portion of the preliminary list, and, in most cases, cannot add or remove agents by themselves.

It’s Based on What Consumers Need.

And what is that? Namely, these nine things: customer service, integrity, market knowledge, communication, negotiation, closing preparation, finding the right home, marketing a home, and overall satisfaction.

It’s the Statistical Top. No Exceptions.

Who made the list? Those to whom their customers gave the highest marks, representing less than the top 5 percent of the Twin Cities’ real estate population. Integrity, market knowledge, and the best service out there – that’s what you’ll get from the following exemplary professionals.